Personal Standard of Ethics & Responsibilities

Ethical behavior is defined by a person’s character. It begins with how you live your own life. How you grow yourself and who you surround yourself with.

My personal promise

• To always be present and free of personal drama, as to provide the Highest link possible to the sitter, as well as, to the spirit world.

• To always present my qualifications with complete honesty and transparency.

• To treat all clients with respect; NO EXCEPTIONS.

• To maintain confidentiality; the exception being imminent physical danger to self, sitter or someone connected to sitter.

• To refer clients to medical or psychological professionals when necessary.

• To withhold ALL judgment. I will be a clear vessel who holds a sacred space for ALL. I will not let my own values, or opinions interfere.

• To always give back to those in need by providing various free resources and offerings.

• To do no harm to any individual. It is my intention to be the conduit for love. I will never deliver fear-based messages. It is my intention to give the message that comes from LOVE in a loving, graceful way.

• To continue my own education in the field of mediumship/psychic development.



Act responsibly at all times

Offer only the highest standards for your work, work conditions and how you’re represented

Permission must be agreed by both parties prior to any reading, connection, healing or insight

Never, offer a ‘random’ reading even to family and friends

Understand the differences between psychic and Mediumship readings

Do not guarantee a specific message, contact or healing to occur

Let your work speak for itself through those you’ve helped

Understand the responsibility of  predictions

Explain FREE WILL and to your sitter that they have full control on how their life unfolds

Have awareness of one’s own limitations and capacities when doing this work

When recipient needs further assistance beyond the scope of a Psychic or Medium recommend that they seek counseling or medical advice

Never offer medical diagnosis, unless you are a practicing physician. If needed, always advise your recipient to seek professional medical or psychological advice

Never advice recipients to cease taking medication nor to stop seeing their own health care professional

When audio or videotaping all parties must agree

When audio or videotaping an audience, signs must be posted and it is announced at the event

Children under the age of 16 should have an adult present during their reading/session

No drugs or alcohol should be consumed when working

Client privacy and confidentiality is to be respected at all times

When supporting other Mediums, Psychics and Healers, treat with respect and compassion